by Ian Scheller

The Process

What Will We Find?

I could have waited around a few years and put together more beats.

But with the arrival of Maxomillion, I started playing guitar more and more. I even wrote some new songs.

My writing process has become simple. I hear a song in my head, or a line comes to me. From there I play the song over and over, improvising and trying out new lyrics as I go. Eventually I can place words where I need them, and finally I write the song down to make it permanent.

There is something so nice about just singing and playing guitar. You don't have to plug anything in. You only have to rely on your voice, hands and guitar.

The more you sing the songs, the more important the moments that make them up become.

After selecting my songs, I headed to the studio. Then I recorded them. Most if not all of the songs were sung multiple times. The best takes were then chosen for the album.